Pensacola Consumer Protection Attorney

Robert N. Heath, P.A.

Do you dread answering your phone, fearing the collectors on the other end of the line?
Have you stopped checking your mail regularly because of too many threatening letters from credit card companies and other creditors?
Do you suspect you've been taken advantage of as a consumer?

If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions, it is easy to feel like you are the one who has done something wrong. However, there are many laws designed to protect consumers from fraudulent activity and the menacing tactics of debt collectors; you only need a qualified lawyer to explain your rights to you and help protect them.

I am Pensacola attorney Robert N. Heath, and our firm only handles consumer and debt-related issues in Florida. We understand that our clients need an aggressive advocate to push back against unscrupulous businesses and threatening debt collection agencies. They also deserve a lawyer who will take the fear out of what debt collectors try to make an intimidating process. Every day, we fight to make sure that the other side plays by the rules, and when they don't, hold them accountable for their illegal activity.

Don't let your financial situation prevent you from seeking our experienced advice. Your initial consultation will be free, and we will collect attorney's fees from the creditors or other entities that have engaged in wrongful behavior. Call 850-502-2117.

Our Passion: Protecting Florida's Consumers

We know that it is too easy for even the hardest-working people to fall into the cycle of debt. Just one sudden job loss, family illness or other emergency is all it takes to disrupt a family's financial picture, and many people adopt a "bunker mentality," ignoring the growing problem of debt, hoping it will go away.

Debt never simply goes away, however, which is why you need our firm in your corner. We have an extensive collection defense and credit card defense practice to make debt more manageable for our clients. We also handle denied insurance claims and advocate for strong consumer protection in the state. Businesses and creditors have lawyers ready to fight for their position. You need a lawyer on your side, too, and we're here to help.

The Debt Collectors Already Have Lawyers. You Should Too.

Arrange a free consultation * with our Pensacola consumer protection attorney to learn how you can fight back and protect your legal and financial rights. Email us or call our office at 850-502-2117.

* Free Consultation for most credit card cases and Insurance claims only.