Why Hire A Consumer Protection Attorney?

If you have been struggling to live with uncontrollable debt, you might feel like you don't have any options for lasting relief. Many of our firm's clients come to us after years of living with constant phone calls and threatening letters from collection agencies, and at a certain point, they decide: Enough is enough.

Perhaps you have thought that bankruptcy might be an option in your case; you have maybe even met with a bankruptcy lawyer or two to discuss your financial situation. When it comes to handling collection defense and helping people in the Florida Panhandle achieve long-term debt relief, our clients have learned that there are many advantages to seeking the help of our experienced attorney, Robert N. Heath.

We will take a look at every option available in your case, not just bankruptcy. Many bankruptcy lawyers look at Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 as the only (and therefore best) way to get a client out of debt. If someone qualifies for bankruptcy protection, the solution appears easy enough: File for bankruptcy.

Doing so isn't free, however, and it does result in a short-term negative impact to someone's credit history. Because our firm handles all aspects of collections defense, however, we know that bankruptcy is only one of many options that should be on the table when a client has out-of-control debt. Your financial health matters, and at our firm, we will take a big-picture approach to helping you.

There may be other options to help you achieve debt relief. Creditors and their collectors often walk a fine line, acting as aggressively as they possibly can while still acting "legally." In too many cases, collectors step over the line and engage in unlawful tactics when communicating with consumers.

When a creditor or collector has broken the law, we can pursue legal claims that not only stop harassment or other illegal behavior, but also give our clients compensation that can be used to reduce their debt. This can be a win-win situation for our clients, since they can live free of the fear of creditors and significantly lower their debt.

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