Consumer Protection

We Know Consumer Rights, and We Make It Our Priority

When you have been victimized by fraudulent business practices, contact a Pensacola consumer protection rights attorney at Robert N. Heath, P.A. As a native of Pensacola, our founding attorney has more than 30 years of experience defending individuals in Florida in cases of consumer law. His experience is known to achieve results for individuals who need their rights upheld and their finances protected.

Perhaps the car you purchased in good faith turned out to be of poor quality, or an insurance company is not upholding the terms of its policy. Perhaps the interest rate on your credit card increased without notice, or your financial identity has been stolen. These business practices are unacceptable and should not be tolerated. Whatever the case is, we can help you protect your rights as a consumer, and fight back against fraudulent businesses.

Fraud, Credit Discrimination and Florida Identity Theft Protection Attorney

There are laws in place that protect you as a consumer. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (commonly known as lemon law) all are in place to hold companies accountable for their products. When a company breaks the rules and regulations outlined in legislation, we can work to build an effective case that gets results.

We can help you if you have suffered from cases of:

  • Identity theft and fraud
  • Sales contract disputes
  • Credit discrimination
  • Increased service fees, interest rates and charge disputes
  • Sale of consumer information

Fraudulent Businesses Have Lawyers, So Should You

E-mail or call us today at 850-502-2117 to schedule a free initial consultation * with an experienced lawyer at our firm. We will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

* Free Consultation for most credit card cases and Insurance claims only.