Your Rights As A Borrower

When you sign your name on any loan document — whether it's a home mortgage or a credit card application — you are making a legal agreement to pay what you borrow to the creditor. This is a serious obligation, and it is only fair that you receive complete and accurate information about your obligation.

The Truth in Lending Act (TILA), along with subsequent legislation, is one of the most important consumer protection acts on the books. It controls what lenders can and cannot do when marketing their services and committing borrowers to loans. For example:

  • Creditors must disclose the terms of a loan
  • Lenders face limitations on certain types of high-interest rate home mortgages
  • Creditors must resolve billing disputes fairly and in a timely manner

Our Florida Panhandle Firm Can Help You Uphold Your Rights As A Borrower

Our firm has been helping Florida's consumers for years. Attorney Robert N. Heath has more than 30 years of experience, standing up to creditors and other businesses when they violate laws designed to protect the public.

In cases where lenders violate the Truth in Lending Act or other laws, people may be able to obtain compensation. We believe that businesses need to follow the rules, and be held accountable when they don't. We are dedicated to helping our Florida clients protect and assert their rights.

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