Denied Insurance Claims

For more than 30 years, Robert Heath has represented individuals who have been wrongly denied insurance benefits. Whether your claim is from an automobile accident, hurricane, damage due to a fire or the death of a loved one, Robert can aggressively take on insurance companies who have unfairly denied claims in homeowners insurance, automobile insurance, health insurance, disability insurance and more.

When you are facing bills that should have been covered by your insurance company, contact a Pensacola insurance bad faith attorney at our firm. We offer free consultations * and representation that will not cost you a thing.

What Can I Do About Insurance Claims Denied in Florida?

You pay premiums to your insurance company so that you have financial support and coverage when the unexpected happens. Insurers are required to pay you for the benefits outlined in your policy in a timely fashion. When they have not held up their portion of your contract or have delayed payments, seeking legal recourse from a trusted attorney is crucial in getting the compensation you deserve.

Contact us if you have had your claim denied when you:

  • Experienced damage to your home and property due to severe weather, fire, flooding, burglary or something else
  • Are facing mounting medical bills due to an injury, disability or medical condition
  • Have been in any kind of motor vehicle accident including car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents
  • Have filed a life insurance claim or another claim with your insurance company

We are able to fight back by filing a lawsuit against your insurance company. Often times these disputes can be settled out of court, but we are prepared to take the matter to trial and represent you aggressively when necessary.

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