Pensacola Storm Damage Claims

It's every Floridian's worst nightmare: the next big hurricane that is aimed right for us. At the end of the day, we prepare as best we can, including obtaining adequate insurance for our homes. When the next storm comes, however, will your insurance policy be there for you?

Many people who have been affected by recent hurricanes and other storms are shocked to discover that their insurance claims are denied by their insurance companies. Insurers have a lot on the line when a storm causes extensive damage to a large area, and they are more likely to deny claims that should be approved.

An Experienced Pensacola Insurance Claims Attorney | Helping Clients In The Florida Panhandle

At our firm, we understand that the only thing worse than riding out a storm while it damages your house — or coming back to a damaged or destroyed home — is realizing that your insurance company is going to put up a fight to avoid giving you the benefits you have paid for.

Because our attorney has more than 30 years of experience in the area of consumer protection and denied insurance claims, he knows the most effective arguments to make when an insurer decides not to make good on a client's policy. Insurance companies will often resort to technicalities and baseless arguments for denying what are perfectly good claims for hurricane damage. Many of those arguments simply won't work if you're represented by a qualified lawyer, however, and our job is to make sure that if you are owed money on your policy for wind damage or any other type of property damage, you will receive it as quickly as possible.

Remember: The Insurance Companies Already Have Lawyers. You Should Too.

There is no reason to delay getting legal help: Your initial consultation with our firm will be free, and we will only accept attorney's fees if we recover compensation for you. Email us or call 850-502-2117 to arrange to speak with Pensacola storm damage claims attorney Robert Heath.

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